As a peer-to-peer network, we know that our app would be nothing without our users. That’s why we are so excited to highlight our first user of the week, Kelly Everetts.

Kelly is currently a Registered Dental Hygienist at Piedmont Dentistry and has been working in the industry for 25 years. A dual user, Kelly uses Biteline to not only post jobs and grow her office’s team, but to also find jobs for herself and temp during the week. Kelly took the time to answer a few questions so we could learn more about her and her experience in the industry.

What made you decide to be an RDH?

I knew that I had a passion for dentistry ever since I was in middle school. I had the opportunity to work for a small, family-owned dental office during high school, which confirmed my passion even more.

What is your favorite thing about this job?

I love to educate my patients and make a difference in their dental health. 

What is your most memorable experience working in the dental industry?

I am that hygienist that hounds my patients about flossing. They roll their eyes and say it hurts, but when they actually try it they come back and say, “How did I not floss before?! My teeth feel so much better now.” This is why I love my job — I love making a difference! 

How has/will using Biteline affect the dental community?

Biteline’s staff have been very friendly and easy to communicate with. My questions are always answered promptly. I think Biteline will help dental offices find the fill-ins they need when their staff is out and it will also help those who temp stay busy. 

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