The platform continues to connect dental professionals with opportunities and content to support career development, networking, and, most especially, people

. - It’s an unexpected and daunting time to get creative. Biteline, the #1 dental jobs provider in Charlotte, is boldly rising to the challenge.

“As distressing a time as it is right now for our business, and millions of other businesses, I’m more concerned about the well-being of our community and our dental pros.” That’s Biteline’s CEO and co-founder Will Naso talking about not only the fact the ADA has temporarily and indefinitely closed thousands of dental practices among COVID-19 and stay-at-home order, but also the unique, increased exposure risk that dental professionals face as an industry once practices re-open.


The crisis has many dental professionals wondering what’s next for their practices and their careers. “I believe that dentistry will need to change significantly in response to the Coronavirus pandemic as, according to the OSHA guidelines, our profession is considered to be at very high risk,” says Charlotte area RDH, Kristi Berger. “My top priority as a dental hygiene professional is keeping myself and my patients safe and healthy.”


Berger’s concerns are legitimate - and becoming a trend in this industry. Biteline’s research, which polled hundreds of Charlotte area dentists and practice owners, revealed that for some dental hygienists - there may not be jobs to return to if their offices are unable to make payroll.


It’s been a concerning time for the digital jobs marketplace which hit a ground-breaking 2,000 members and 1,200 jobs posted in Charlotte and Charleston in Q1, 2020 after just launching their new product in July 2019.


But Biteline is rising to the unique challenge - and listening. They’re leaning heavily into the opportunity to produce actionable guidance and relevant content that supports these well-trained, expert pros during a time of crisis.


This month, Biteline released the “Behind the Bite” podcast. The show, moderated by CEO and Co-Founder Naso, who holds a degree in Public Health from Davidson College, serves first and foremost as the voice of the community - centered around hearing and learning from dental community member stories and insight.


The podcast’s first guest is Debbi Viger, an Illinois-based RDH with over 30 years of experience. Viger recently wrote an article for trusted industry publication, Today’s RDH titled “Post-virus Hygiene: Make the Decision to Relaunch Your Career”. She shared her insight with Naso - and, in turn, the Biteline community.


In addition to weekly podcasts, Biteline will be launching a series of career resources ranging from webinars to blogs to virtual networking opportunities. Members can access all resources via Biteline’s website, social media and app.


“If anything right now, we want our community to know that Biteline is growing our team and our thought leadership to lean in heavily to support not only our Biteline users, but also the dental industry as a whole,” says Naso. “As the #1 jobs provider in Charlotte, it’s both a responsibility and a privilege to serve people in this way.”




Biteline is a digital jobs marketplace for dental professionals. We make connections between employers and staff through temporary job opportunities, networking, and professional development. For more information, please email CEO + co-founder Will Naso at For press inquiries, please contact Meg Seitz at


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