Although it feels like the universe pressed a giant preverbal, er literal, pause button, the world is in fact still spinning. We’re still tearing pages from our word of the day calendars. (skedaddle [ski-dad-l] verb: to run away hurriedly; flee. ) And you could still be working on your career!

While you might not be able to get back to serving patients until quarantine is behind us, you can be proactive about freshening up your resume, looking for ways to make sure you stand out from the crowd, creating your Biteline profile (it literally takes 60 seconds), and finding what dental offices near you might be looking for a new hygienist to join their teams.

(Afterall, can you imagine all of the cavities after months of Netflix and junk food?)

First things first, if you haven’t perused our Top 12 Resume Tips, grab your resume and skedaddle on over to that post.

Now let’s talk about some ways you can use the next few weeks to your advantage, and set yourself apart in front of employers.

What makes you special?

When it comes to updating your resume, LinkedIn, and writing your Biteline description (more on that in a bit), think about what really sets YOU apart. What do you do better than any other dental hygienist? What makes you so good at what you do? What unique experiences have you had that would show potential employers how awesome you are?

Be ready to talk about what you learned during quarantine

Go grab a pen and paper. We mean it. Right now. Jot down three things within the dental industry you’ve always wanted to learn more about, and go learn them. The world might not be your oyster right now, but the Internet is your lobster*, and you can learn just about anything you want.

Employers will probably ask you how you spent quarantine. Learn three new things, and you’ll have some solid answers for them.

*Do not read in the case of a shellfish allergy.

Put your best face forward with a Biteline profile

If you don’t believe us when we say how easy it is, here’s a breakdown of how it works:


Smile! Add a profile photo

Biteline users who have a photo get looked at three times as much as those who do not. You could be the former Davidson Wildcat Steph Curry of dental hygienists: Talent, experience, and a great sense of humor. But without a photo in your profile, you’re just not going to appear as legitimate. Plus, don’t you want to show off those pearly whites?

Tell dental offices why you’re so awesome

Your profile photo is the first thing dental offices are going to look at. Your description is number two. So, no pressure or anything, but you should probably write a great one. Keep it short, but give them a sense of who you are, what makes you unique, and what kind of care you provide.

Look at you go! Add your education and experience

You’ve studied hard and worked even harder — don’t shortcut this section. FIlling out your education and experience sets a clear expectation for dental offices. They’ll know what kind of provider you’ll be, if you have any specialties, and what dental software you already know.

Don’t play the guessing game. Update your availability

The easiest and most efficient way for dental offices to know when you’re available? TELL THEM. Having your availability current and accurate will ensure that when someone reaches out wanting to hire you, you’ll be able to easily say “YES” because you’ve kept your info current. This makes life less stressful for you, and anyone looking to hire you.

Hello? Are you there? Turn on those notifications, friend!

Our BIGGEST tip? Allow Biteline notifications. The last thing you want is for an office to reach out with a gig that would’ve been PERFECT for you, but you *just missed it* because you didn’t get notified right away. We get it, you already get 784 banner alerts daily. But we wager that an alert notifying you of work won’t have quite as annoying an effect.

There ya have it. It’s THAT easy to start and launch your Biteline profile into the world. We hope you use this time to be at least a little productive, although zero pressure if you’re watching Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. We’re only human, right?

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