When it comes to North Carolina, Charlotte gets a lot of the attention and cred. Which we’re not arguing against per se - it’s one of Biteline’s founding cities! 


Charlotte is the state’s biggest city, and one of the fastest growing in the US. But one NC city that should not be overlooked? 


Her capital: Raleigh.


A hub for innovation in tech, science, and healthcare, it’s pretty much on-the-nose to say that we’re pumped to stake a claim in RDU soon. 


Yes, you read that right. Biteline is coming to Raleigh - NEXT WEEK. 


Related side note: If, like us, you’ve always scratched your head about what the ‘U’ stands for in RDU, the answer is...nothing?

Regardless of what the ‘U’ truly means, here are five  reasons we can’t wait to be part of a city that truly is capital.


Mouth-watering innovation and job opportunities


Raleigh is rich in culture, diversity, and innovation. Research Triangle Park (RTP) has certainly put Raleigh on the map, and many companies and job seekers have relocated to where X marks the spot.


Raleigh consistently ranks in the top 10 of Glassdor’s 25 Best Cities for Jobs, and is #1 for 2020. Raleigh also owns the #3 spot on Forbes’ list of Best Places For Business And Careers.


Home to some of the top universities in the US, the Research Triangle incubates a hyper-educated workforce. There is serious talent here, and companies are chomping at the bit to be front and center.


Raleigh-Durham and RTP are home to company HQs ranging from startup to Fortune 500. No matter the industry, any hard working job seeker should be able to find a company and role they love. This is especially true for those in the medical industry.


Best-of-the-best healthcare


Duke. UNC. NC State. Raleigh isn’t just home to brainy grads — it’s home to grads of some of the most renowned medical schools in the country. You’ll also find international centers for medical care and research, Duke University Medical Center, UNC hospitals, along with many other top-notch healthcare systems, including a rich dental market.


In fact, Raleigh is one of the fastest growing dental markets in the country. 


Why wouldn’t we want to be among renowned doctors and healthcare centers?


Adapting to a new dimension of the dental industry 


While we’re still not entirely sure what the post-COVID world will look like, we can be sure of one thing: it will look different.


Health and safety will be top-of-mind for all of us, especially in the medical industry. Dental cleanings and appointments are close quarters for doctors, hygienists, and their patients. It’ll be more important now than ever for dental professionals to work in offices they feel comfortable and safe in. 


Just as it’s important for hygienists to feel comfortable where they work, dental offices also need to feel that who they’re hiring is safe. 


We know how important this is, and we can’t wait to help Raleigh dental professionals find their perfect match. 


Improving the lives of dental offices


For decades dental offices have already had the challenge of trying to find hygienists to fill in last minute. Add to it a world in which we need to stay home if we’re feeling even slightly ill, or have any hesitation about coming into close contact with others? Late cancels might become the ‘norm’ for a while. 


But dental offices still need coverage and should be able to get it last-minute from a trusted source. It’ll be imperative that dental offices are at-the-ready with a roster of all-star hygienists ready to get to work.


Making new connections within the dental industry 


And everyone’s favorite topic...networking. Whether you love it or hate it, making and maintaining connections is hands down the most effective way to find new opportunities, build a great team,  and keep fresh prospects knocking at the door.


Networking in the dental industry isn’t quite as simple as it is for marketing professionals or folks in the world of business. But it’s just as important. 


Biteline brings dental professionals together virtually, making it safe for introverts and safe during a pandemic. Build your own network of awesome dental offices you can add to your rotation, and get ready to thrive in your career as a hygienist. 


Are you in Raleigh, and you cannot wait to get involved with Biteline? Let’s connect. 

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