Let’s be honest, hiring can feel like pulling teeth. (No pun intended.) 

Here at Biteline, we are committed to making the process of finding work easier for everyone involved. One of the ways we make that happen - Discover People. 

Here are five things we want you to know about our Discovery People feature that’s moving the needle for practices and professionals. 


First things first - What IS Discover People? 

Discover People is our subscription feature that expands your reach and priority level on Biteline. Think of it like a VIP club. Discover People allows your job listings to gain more traction so that more candidates will see it. 

Once you purchase a Discover People subscription, your listings will earn higher prioritized rankings on seekers’ Discover Work feed.


Why Discover People? 

There  are a lot of strategic advantages to purchasing the Discover People subscription. 

  1. Filter candidates - and save time

For starters, Discover People allows you to filter candidates based on their position and location. If your office in Charlotte is looking for a full-time hygienist, using Discover People will only show you full-time hygienists looking for work in Charlotte! This will save you a lot of time in the hiring process, while also helping you avoid the disappointment of finding out that one hygienist you were looking at actually lives in Raleigh.

  1. Make the first move 


Also with Discover People, you can make the first move. With Discover People, you have unlimited direct messaging to potential candidates. With this comes the ability to invite candidates to interview or to directly offer positions to leads. This will allow you to skip the small talk and get down to business!

  1. Get to know candidates well 


Discover People also allows for unlimited profile browsing, resume downloading and resume searching. You can take a deeper look at every applicant’s resume to ensure that you hire the individual that is best suited for your office’s needs. You also gain access to peer ratings and reviews, so you can see what past employers really thought about your potential hires.

Regardless of what kind of pro your office needs, Discover People can help you find the perfect match in less time and with less stress. (Win-win.) 

  1. Pricing options with no extra or hidden fees 


Our subscription is priced differently depending on which duration of time is purchased - and how you need to use it. 

For a monthly subscription, the cost is $50 per month. If you purchase a quarterly subscription, the price is $135 per quarter, 10% less than three months of a monthly subscription. If you purchase an annual subscription, the cost is $480 for the whole year, 20% off the monthly cost of $600. These fees are flat and there are absolutely no extra or hidden fees.

  1. A free two-week trial subscription 


If you like the sound of Discover People but aren’t sure if you’re ready to commit to purchasing a subscription, we offer a convenient two-week free trial that can be cancelled free of charge at any point during the two weeks.

There’s nothing we want more than for your office to hire faster and smarter than ever before. Discover People will get you there; after that, just imagine what’s possible for your practice? 


Ready to learn more? 

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