Okay employers. Time for a crash course in cold messaging dental candidates.

You know what sucks? Cold calling.

You know what feels a little bit easier? Cold messaging.

That said, if you don’t follow these two tips, cold messaging will quickly become as feared and dreaded as cold calling.

With Biteline's newest premium feature, Discover People, employers are able to connect with qualified candidates in real time. Before jumping right in, make sure you are well prepared for sending a bunch of cold outbounds - hiring is hard work, but there's no reason to worry over building the perfect first message.

Messaging Dental Candidates - Tip #1

Answer the question: Why are you messaging this person? 

No, no no, I know you’re hiring - I mean why are you messaging this person, SPECIFICALLY?

Let’s break down what we know - you’ve seen their profile, ratings & reviews, experience, and more. You know they are a strong candidate and a well rounded dental professional. But what else do we know?

We know that they probably got a robo-call cold call in the past 7 days and angrily hung up and blocked the number.

As you are answering the question - “Why are you messaging this person?” - choose 1 or 2 things you want to bring up in your cold message. For example:

"Hey Ashley! I’m Dr. Biteline at Biteline Family Smiles. I’m interested in learning more about your perio experience."

It doesn’t have to be much or even that significant. By showing that you took 2 minutes to read their profile and ask them about something unique or specific to them dramatically increases your chances of receiving a reply.

"Hey Jennifer! Office manager at Dr. Krause, DDS PA here - do you volunteer at Kid’s Smiles every Friday? I was thinking about getting involved with a local non-profit myself."

Even if they aren’t looking for a new job right now, they likely will be in the future. Nurture that relationship!

Tip #2

Nobody wants to waste time messaging dental candidates that aren't the right fit. Go ahead and qualify your prospects during the first interaction:

"Hey Jennifer! Office manager at Dr. Krause, DDS PA here - do you volunteer at Kid’s Smiles every Friday? I was thinking about getting involved with a local non-profit myself. I’m reaching out because we’re in search of a new permanent hygienist! One doctor, one hygienist and myself make up the team. We’ve been serving the Dilworth community for 30 years now and are looking for a candidate that truly values the family / provider relationship. Single column, M-Th, and robust benefits. I’d love to introduce you to Dr. Krause if you’re interested."

Tell the candidate about yourself, your practice, and your culture. Part of the reason that turnover is so high in the dental industry is that offices and providers are settling with a job or employee that isn’t quite right.

Take the time to ask them about what they are looking for in a work culture - what is their 5 year plan? Do they want to be with the same practice? Do they want to be retired? These questions are important as you begin to get to know this individual, but also are necessary if you want to achieve true hiring success.

SMS / Social recruiting is hot these days. Don't fall behind the times because you're stressed over that first outbound. Candidates know you're human, just be one and you'll be okay.

Have questions about text, social media, or message recruiting? Drop us a line and we'll help focus your hiring strategy.

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