Believe it or not, offices don’t magically manage themselves. A rockstar dental practice manager is the glue that holds your office together.

Although having a basic management background is helpful, there are many advantages to having specific dental experience before becoming an office manager. Whether you are considering becoming one yourself or you are looking to hire a new manager, here are the top advantages to having a dental background.


Prior Experience in a Dental Practice

A dental practice manager’s employment history may consist of general management experience; however, managers with a dental background have firsthand knowledge of the inner workings of a dental practice. They more than likely started their career as an assistant or receptionist, so they understand what it’s like to work at a dental office. Therefore, it is easier for them to jump in and have what it takes to manage a dental practice efficiently and effectively.

Knowledge of the Industry

Practice managers are responsible for various duties such as financial reports, employee training/development, schedule management, billing, and more. Having a background in dentistry makes completing these tasks much easier. These managers already know the industry and can quickly recognize billing errors, read ledgers, or work sterilization. Their vast amount of dental knowledge adds value to the practice because they become a resource to both staff members and patients.

Ability to Help as Needed

Most days in a dental practice are unpredictable and vary depending on the day. Therefore, it is very important for managers to be flexible when issues arise such as having a sick employee or running behind schedule. When the practice manager has a clinical background, they can easily step in to assist the doctor and staff to remedy these situations. Employees highly respect dental managers with a clinical background and the ability to help as needed.

A dental practice manager is crucial for ensuring the office runs smoothly and at full capacity daily. An organized office and supported dental team means employees can spend more time providing outstanding patient care — which is the most important factor for any dental office at the end of the day.

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