It’s the most wonderful time of the year (to be a temp, that is)! 

Dental offices all across the nation are hitting the end-of-year rush due to insurance benefits ending and the limited time left to complete treatments. This time of year is usually very stressful for offices, but it offers tons of opportunities for professionals wanting to increase their current workload to earn some extra holiday cash or prepare for the following New Year slump.   

In addition, some full-time employees that have not been allowed time off during this season may now get the rest they need while there is an influx of available workers. Whether you’re a temp looking to take advantage of the holiday rush, or you’re an office simply trying to survive, don’t worry – we’re here to help. 


The Problem

We’ve all had the sudden realization that “Oh no, I forgot about my insurance benefits, and now I’m almost out of time!” For most patients, this feeling comes around the end-of-year when they remember that all their unused benefits will be forfeited – and if you don’t use it, you lose it.  

No worries, you’ll just schedule an appointment and get it done, right? Wrong. You and everyone else in town had the same thought at the same time, so dental schedules are filling up fast. Without fail, this happens every year.

In an effort to accommodate patients’ needs, the schedule is overfilled, creating what I like to call the “magic schedule.” This is when the schedule appears full and steady at first glance, but then you realize that procedures are scheduled for less time than it takes to complete them. Just because you can put it on the schedule for that amount of time, does not mean it can actually be done – without the help of magic, at least.

The magic schedule inevitably causes overstressed and overworked staff, as well as unhappy patients due to longer wait times and less time for individual care. This also leads to longer days, missed lunches and breaks, increased illness and missed days, an overall decrease in work performance, and a poor work environment.

Although we try to fit it all in, dental professionals are not magicians. As health professionals, we have a responsibility to provide complete and comprehensive care for each patient – and this is not possible when we are overextending ourselves.


The Solution 

Luckily times are a-changin’, and the ability to effectively and instantly connect work assignments with professionals is now a reality. In the past, agencies and websites have tried to make this connection, but most have fallen short. While it has been helpful, these platforms were mainly created for permanent positions and lacked greatly when it came to immediate and temporary needs.

With Biteline, a notification can be sent to workers in a moment's notice, informing them of a position as soon as it becomes available. This comes in handy, especially when offices find themselves overbooked or in need of a last minute fill-in.

Something else to remember is that not all people observe the same holidays. I personally have been told that I couldn’t have my holidays off; meanwhile, the office was closed for weeks allowing for others to have their holiday when I was free to work. With real-time hiring apps like Biteline, all people can now be given the gift of the holidays!

With the high demands of work, the need to spend time with family, and the desire to enjoy the holidays, having access to more dental professionals that are available and willing to work is essential to finishing the year out strong. Now more than ever, we can provide for the needs of our patients, while increasing job opportunities for dental workers at the same time. 

Being able to hand off the workload to other qualified professionals, and knowing our patients are still receiving the best care, is the best gift we can give our colleagues. Of course, it is still going to be a constant hustle for the next month, but having the ability to connect professionals across the dental field, while simultaneously increasing access to oral care, is the best way we can survive the holiday rush and make this season more blissful for everyone involved. 

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