Biteline, the hiring platform for dental professionals, has officially launched for over 7,000 dental professionals across 600 offices in the Charlotte area. The free app is available for download at

In less than a minute, a dental professional can create a profile and become a member of the growing community. Professionals seeking employment can quickly upload credentials and find local jobs that match their style, skills, and experience. Meanwhile, offices have access to a network of potential employees with reviews and bios to make the decision making process easier.

Dental offices constantly struggle to fill jobs or find real-time hires, spending $1.6 billion on internal and external staffing expenses annually. With Biteline, hygienists, assistants, and dentists now have access to a network of open jobs or well-vetted dental professionals that will make finding a job or last minute fill-in both fast and effective.

After over three years of hard work, Biteline’s founders Will Naso and Barclay McFadden are excited to see the app come to life and transform the way this industry does business – all at no extra cost.

“Not only does it help offices find more reliable fill-in work, but it also helps workers make additional income during off days,” says Naso, Biteline’s Founder and CEO. “This free app really does have the ability to change the way people find work, make money, and reach their career goals in the dental industry.”

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