Opinions are like smiles: Everybody’s got one.


And when it comes to whether or not to include a headshot on your resume, there are strong opinions about smiles.


We do have an opinion on the topic, and we obviously love smiles, so we’ll share our two cents. YES. Include a professional headshot on your resume!


We support any decision that helps you shine in front of potential employers, and adding a photo to your resume does just that. Especially if you have shiny teeth. Which we also recommend when you’re in the dental industry. *wink wink*

A photo will help strengthen your first impression with a potential employer


In most interactions that mean something to you, your first impression means a lot. Meeting your sig other’s parents for the first time, meeting a new client, and of course every interaction with you’re applying for a job are all opportunities to set yourself up for success with a solid first impression.


When applying for a new role, the first impression begins way before the initial interview. Potential employers are probably checking social media to put a face to the name. CUt to the chase quicker and add a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed professional photo smack dab on that resume. This puts you in control over what photos of you they see. I.E. a really well-lit photo of you in a nice blazer versus one from that bachelorette party last June. Your hair looked awesome, but a professional make a much more substantial first impression to employers


Photos help others connect with you


Again, it’s all about putting a smiling face to that name of yours. 


Your resume is already chock full of skills, experience, and dozens of reasons to hire you. You’re impressive! But you know what would make it easier for potential employers feel like they actually can connect with you? (We’ll wait, we know you know the answer by now.)


YES, a PHOTO! Gold star. 


Imagine it for yourself: You’ve got a stack of a few dozen resumes. All filled with great accolades and experience. All great candidates….great people. But one of them has a photo! A nicely edited professional headshot. Are you not more likely to connect with this person?  


Most importantly: A resume with a photo helps you stand out


Employers really do want to choose the best person to join their team. Why wouldn’t they? If you’re not chosen, or even called for an interview, it doesn’t mean you’re not the best — it likely means you needed to do a little more legwork to stand out among other candidates.


If an employer is sitting at their desk with a stack of 50 resumes, and one position to fill, what is it about your resume that will be sure to catch their attention? To make them want to reach out to you? And to help them remember you through the interview process?


Of course, a solid personal statement. But on top of that, a professional photo. If you’ve got a headshot on your resume, you WILL stand out, and you WILL get remembered.


A few pointers for your glamor shot


  • Wear either professional / biz casual attire, or scrubs
  • NO SELFIES. If you’re not hiring a professional photographer, at least ask someone to snap the photo for you
  • Pick a nice neutral background (brick or a plain wall)
  • Phones these days are super fancy, and you can actually get pretty awesome high quality pics. Have whoever is taking the shot make sure you’re in focus in the pic, and that the lighting is bright, but not washing you out. If your phone has portrait mode, have them use that!


Resumes are tough, and it’s probably not possible to get them perfect. But there are steps you can take to make yours shine like your teeth in that great photo you’ve got! Click here for some additional resume tips. 

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