Hi, we’re Biteline. No, that’s not a fancy name for a patient’s bite registration. And no, it’s not the newest term tech folks are using to describe the amount of storage on your phone. Now that we’ve cleared the air and told you what we’re not, here’s everything we are.

Don’t worry—we’ll start with the basics. At its core, Biteline is a hiring platform created specifically for dental professionals.

Here are three things you should know:

We can help you find work.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term gig or a new office to call home—we’re here to help. Or, on the flip side, if you’re trying to find a temp to cover your shift or solve last minute staffing issues—we’ve still got your back.

We’re a peer-to-peer network.

Say goodbye to traditional posting sites with various levels of functionality depending on your account. At Biteline, everyone is treated equally. Whether you’re a poster or a seeker, you’ll have the same benefits as all other users. Because your needs vary depending on the day, and we get that.

We’re free for all users.

Yes, you read that right. We don’t have posting fees, user fees, or any gimmicks. No matter who you are, Biteline won’t cost you a thing. This means you can treat yourself to that much needed morning coffee or the new pair of scrubs you’ve been eyeing. After all, you deserve it.

Please visit http://bit.ly/Biteline to download our app or say hello to info@biteline.net for more information.

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