Every startup has a story — here’s ours.

The Beginning

When an MBA sold his business, he had a decision to make. He could start from scratch and do it all over again, or he could take the safe, financially stable route and find a high-paying position at an established firm. He had passion and drive, but he also had a wife, three kids, and a lot to lose if he took a risk and failed.

So, what did he do?

By chance, the MBA’s former business partner hired an intern for the summer. At the time, this 19-year-old intern had no experience, no prior business knowledge, and only a resume of health and human services research to draw upon.

Yet, the MBA and intern instantly connected.

July 2016

The MBA came back to the office with an idea that was strong both in its ambition and its necessity — the intern latched. Despite his lack of formal business training, he saw the merit and viability of this idea right off the bat.

Flash forward a year and a half.

“I can’t pay you, but there is nobody else I’d rather have by my side running this thing. Are you in?”

April 2018

The intern completed his degree at Davidson College, moved to Charlotte, and began a career in health and human services. One night, driving home from a particularly hard client visit, he called the MBA.

The MBA told a story of a year’s daily grind — no salary, no cash flow, and flawed software. But, he also spoke of an industry desperate for a solution, and a passion to provide it just as strong as the summer of 2016.

The call ended with an offer. “I can’t pay you, but there is nobody else I’d rather have by my side running this thing. Are you in?”

One week later, the intern was committed full-time to the MBA’s idea.

Flash forward one more year.

June 2019

What started out as a small team consisting of an MBA, Barclay McFadden, and an intern, Will Naso, is now a diverse team of nine. Barclay’s idea is now Biteline, a full-fledged application ready to take the dental industry by storm. Biteline recently launched in Charlotte, NC and the expectations have been set — now it’s time to perform.

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