RALEIGH, N.C. - What started out as a chair-side conversation with a dental hygienist one day in summer 2016 after an annual cleaning is now Charlotte, N.C.’s #1 dental jobs provider. The platform it’s now live and available for free for dental pros in Raleigh. 

Biteline launched to the Raleigh public today, allowing hygienists, assistants, and dentists to create profiles in less than one minute that then connect them with either open jobs or well-vetted dental professionals to fill them.    


It’s a proven solution to a big problem. The dental job market loses $1.0-$1.3 billion in addressable revenue annually due to antiquated staffing solutions. Offices spend $1.6 billion on internal and external staffing expenses annually. 


Since launching in July 2019, Biteline supports two thriving markets, Charleston, S.C. and Charlotte, with a ground-breaking 2,500 users and 1,500 jobs posted. The company’s recent growth amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is designed to support dental pros who are wondering what’s next for their practices and their careers. Biteline’s research, which polled hundreds of Charlotte area dentists and practice owners, revealed that for some dental hygienists - there may not be jobs to return to if their offices are unable to make payroll. 


Biteline is rising to the unique challenge. says “This dental community is strong, enduring, and ready to get back to work,” says Will Naso, CEO and Co-founder. “As the #1 jobs provider in Charlotte, it’s both a responsibility and a privilege for Biteline to serve people in this way.” 


In response, Biteline’s team is not only launching in new markets, but also leaning heavily into the opportunity to produce actionable guidance and relevant content that supports well-trained, expert pros advocate for their safety and their careers during a time of crisis.


“I’m excited to help users get back to work while staying safe,” says Mary Gugluizza, Biteline’s Director of Business Development. “Biteline’s professional accountability is built to empower the dental community to advocate for their health, safety, and well-being.” 


With Biteline, any dental professional can create a profile and instantly become a member of the growing community, all for free. Professionals seeking employment can quickly upload credentials and find temporary or permanent jobs in their area. Meanwhile, offices have access to a network of potential employees with reviews and bios to make the decision making process easier. In doing so, Biteline is estimated to eliminate up to 55% of the market waste. 

“We built Biteline as a platform but also as a business strategy for our users because we knew they needed a tool that gives them a voice and a presence,” says Barclay McFadden, Co-Founder and Chairman. “Biteline is not only improving the dental industry, it’s allowing dental professionals to maximise their work and their personal and professional goals at a critical inflection point in U.S. history.” 




Biteline is a digital jobs marketplace for dental professionals. We make connections between employers and staff through temporary job opportunities, networking, and professional development. For more information, please email CEO + co-founder Will Naso at wnaso@biteline.net. For press inquiries, please contact Meg Seitz at meg@biteline.net.

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